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Paris, France.

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6th May 2012


Ren frantically shouts, ASIAAAN ~ →

Cause Asian stuff had to get its own place since it was flooding all over my other tumblrs (especially the music one).

Just like some are shouting “super gaaaaay” at things, I am shouting “ASIAAAN” at all cute and cool and stylish stuffs from Japan, Korea, China.



Short skirts and white socks.

Cherry trees blossoming.

Cute-shapped and yummy food.



3rd March 2012

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Ren is weak against cute things →

Cause everytime you’ll show me your Puss-in-boots eyes, my heart will ache from this cuteness and defencelessness, I want to hug something and I start crying.

Some other times I can help myself smile, smile, smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile :D

Cute things are spreading love /o/

2nd March 2012

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Ren is a manga addict. →

Well, the name tells it all.

2nd March 2012

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Ren found some music... →

I usually don’t take the time to care about music.

But recently I decided to quit listening to crappy radio stations, so I happen to find some music…

2nd March 2012

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Here we go!

I don’t really know what I’m gonna do with this account, in the first place it will probably only be the place to centralize my other accounts… 

So then, we’ll see.